Preload Tanks

Preload tankPreload tanks, often referred to as pre-stressed or wire wound tanks, have been used in the water industry since the early 1950s, primarily as water reservoirs. Built open-topped or fitted with domed roofs, the walls are cast in vertical panels and lightly tied together with continuous reinforcing bars. They are subject to a number of general weaknesses:

  • Loss of stress in the wire, leading to opening up of joints and causing water leakage through the wall and possibly on to the wires
  • Deterioration in the mortar cover to wires

Andrew Howard and Partners are in a unique position, having engineers who were involved in their construction in the 1970s. In conjunction with DSI, we can provide the following solutions and remedies:

  • Detailed surveys
  • Reports and recommendations
  • Detailed specifications, method statements and construction sequences
  • Remedial work
  • Monitoring

We also have experience of working in the water industry with:

  • Three Valley Water
  • South West Water
  • Egham Water Treatment Works
  • Thames Water Utilities
  • West Essex Water
  • Anglian Water

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